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The 9 Secrets of BelGioioso

BelGioioso promotes protection of and respect for the environment by employing proper and responsible use of resources and care for the environment. BelGioioso maintains a deep awareness of the ecological impact of the production cycle and strives to maintain balance with the compatibility of the demands of the life cycle of the cheese.

To make a tangible contribution to the preservation of the ecosystem, BelGioioso takes the following actions:

  • Use of packaging with a simplified structure to limit the amount of packaging materials
  • Use of 30% recyclable packaging elements
  • Decreasing thickness of plastic films by 25%
  • Rationalization of production processes and the reduction of energy consumption
  • In-plant water reuse filtration system in each factory
  • Use of extra insulation and EIFS Coating on outside walls
  • Use of skylights and motion sensors throughout our facilities to conserve energy

Attentiveness to community needs is an essential part of BelGioioso’s social commitment. The identification of and focus on projects and initiatives that support a culture of sustainability and social responsibility to the people, the community and future generations is a priority. For this reason, the company provides local charities financial and practical support. Specifically, BelGioioso has been a long time supporter of the Boys and Girls Club, helping to ensure the safety of children and enabling those who need it most to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.

Social Responsibility, Environment and Community