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The 9 Secrets of BelGioioso

You don’t need to be an expert to understand that BelGioioso cheeses are the best. One bite is all you need to know you’re tasting greatness. While it might be tempting to dig right in, we encourage you to thoroughly savor our cheeses. Scrutinize the appearance. Does it have the characteristics you’d expect from the particular kind of cheese? For instance, if you’re tasting gorgonzola, is it evenly veined? If it’s Parmesan, does it have a nicely formed rind? Next, smell the cheese. Break off a small piece and hold it up to your nose. Inhale. The aroma of the cheese is a good indicator of its quality. Finally, taste the cheese. Take a bite, chew it well, move it around in order to hit all your flavor receptors (sweet, salty, acidic and bitter). Pay attention to the texture as you chew it. Lastly, swallow and inhale through your nose to sense the aroma for its quality, duration and intensity. BelGioioso’s cheeses will leave a nice, clean finish on your palate and you’ll know that one taste is never enough. Tasting is the beginning of the path that leads to the discovery of the flavors, aromas and textures of superior cheese. Let your senses guide you and savor the experience of BelGioioso Cheese.