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Wheel 3.5 Lb

Wheel 3.5 Lb

About the Cheese

Crescenza-Stracchino is made by hand in very small batches. We start with extra rich, morning milk, fresh from our own farmers. The delicate curd isladled into traditional square hoops to form the petite 3.5 lb. wheels. This soft spreadable cheese has an addictive mild, yet tangy flavor.
  • Texture: Soft, creamy
  • Flavor: Milky, tart
  • Appearance: Rindless, white, soft
  • Milk Source: Cow’s milk; rBST free
  • Aging: Fresh

Product Specs

Pack Size2/3.5 lb.
Shelf Life90 days
Item Code78502

Menu Suggestions

Spread on plain baguette. Melt onto pizzas, flatbreads, sandwiches, burgers for a creamy, tangy flavor. Bake into cheesecakes.