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Cubed 5 Lb

Cubed 5 Lb

About the Cheese

Created from a recipe rich in tradition, BelGioioso Mild Provolone carries on a legacy of good taste. Never smoked or bleached, this all natural cheese is made from whole milk and aged 60 days, which gives it its characteristic smooth, delectable flavor. It is an excellent melting cheese, and slices without crumbling or sticking to the slicer.
  • Texture: Ranges from soft to firm, depending on age
  • Flavor: Mild and full to strong and sharp, depending on age
  • Appearance: Pale yellow, smooth. Aged product may be slightly
  •   cracked with a thin rind of wax that should be removed.
  • Milk Source: Cow’s milk, rBST free
  • Aging: Mild Provolone – Aged 60 days
    • Medium Provolone – Aged 4 months
    • Sharp Provolone – Aged 7 months
    • Extra Sharp Provolone – Aged 12 months
    • Provolone Extra – Aged 24 months 

Product Specs

Pack Size4/5 lb.
Shelf Life90 days
Item Code20020

Menu Suggestions

For a hearty antipasto, serve cubed Mild Provolone with olives, cured meats and roasted peppers.