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Part Skim 5 Lb.

Part Skim  5 Lb.

About the Cheese

This cheese is produced from the highest quality Wisconsin cow’s milk and whey and boasts a fresh, clean flavor. With no preservatives added, each small batch is made to order, guaranteeing freshness. The clean, milky flavor is like no other, which establishes it as the finest ricotta cheese available. Made with less moisture for optimal performance in cooking and baking. Soft creamy texture with fine delicate curds.
  • Texture: Soft, creamy
  • Flavor: Fresh, mild, milky
  • Appearance: Small white curds of cheese
  • Milk Source: Cow’s milk; rBST free

Product Specs

Pack Size4/5 lb.
Shelf Life60 days
Item Code00175

Menu Suggestions

Bake into lasagna and pasta dishes. Create creamy cheesecakes. Top white pizzas.

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