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Shredded 5 Lb

Shredded 5 Lb

About the Cheese

Aged 7 months (Extra Sharp Provolone aged 12 months) to develop a well-balanced, piquant flavor, and crafted from a century-old family recipe, BelGioioso Sharp Provolone is a real Italian tradition. Made with whole cow’s milk and rated “World’s Best,” BelGioioso Sharp Provolone is perfect for snacking, cooking, parties or cheese trays. Customers who are familiar with provolone will recognize BelGioioso, and those who are not will be won over after one taste.
  • Texture: Ranges from soft to firm, depending on age
  • Flavor: Mild and full to strong and sharp, depending on age
  • Appearance: Pale yellow, smooth. Aged product may be slightly
  •   cracked with a thin rind of wax that should be removed.
  • Milk Source: Cow’s milk, rBST free
  • Aging: Mild Provolone – Aged 60 days
    • Medium Provolone – Aged 4 months
    • Sharp Provolone – Aged 7 months
    • Extra Sharp Provolone – Aged 12 months
    • Provolone Extra – Aged 24 months 

Product Specs

Pack Size4/5 lb.
Shelf Life90 days
Item Code20010

Menu Suggestions

Layer slices of Sharp Provolone into a rice frittata with sliced tomatoes. Melt shredded Sharp Provolone onto a shaved steak sandwich. Shred Sharp Provolone onto a White Pizza with Ricotta con Latte® and Fontina. Add Shredded Sharp Provolone to cream, buttermilk, mustard and shallots. Blend to create a tasty salad dressing. Stuff a chicken breast with a mixture of chopped artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers and shredded Sharp Provolone. Bake and serve with a creamy sauce.

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