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In Italian, Pepato means “with pepper,” and each wedge of BelGioioso Pepato is made with a generous portion of whole black peppercorns. Our Pepato is handcrafted from fresh local milk gathered daily from our local farmers. This delicately spiced table cheese has a sweet, nutty, earthy flavor, which is brought into perfect balance during its 5-month aging.

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How to Enjoy This Cheese

Chunk for snacks or cheeseboards and antipasto. Crumble onto salads, shred on pastas, vegetables, slice into sandwiches for spicy, black pepper flavor.

About This Cheese

  • Texture: Hard, slightly crumbly
  • Flavor: Sharp with a delicately spiced flavor from the peppercorns
  • Appearance: Hard and speckled with whole black peppercorns
  • Milk Source: Cow’s milk; rBST free
  • Aging: 5 months


Grapes, roasted vegetables, cured meats, olives, breadsticks, strong wine, beer.

La Bottega di BelGioioso


Cultured milk, salt, peppercorn, enzymes.


2004 - American Cheese Society (2nd Place)

Award Winning CheeseProudly Wisconsin Cheese

Pepato Recipes