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The 9 Secrets of BelGioioso

Fresh milk is the key to BelGioioso’s quality. The fresher the milk, the cleaner the flavor and the longer the shelf life.

To get the best milk in Wisconsin, BelGioioso maintains:

  • Cheese plants that are located within a 30 mile radius of the farmer that supplies its milk
  • Confidence in the farmers due to the longevity of the relationship
  • Company truck drivers who pick up the fresh milk every day
  • Dedicated people in the field working directly with the farmers on a daily basis to constantly improve the milk quality
  • Payment of premiums for the richness of the protein and the butterfat in the milk
  • Quality standards that are higher than State and Federal agencies mandate because we require the best milk available
  • Farmers certify they are not using artificial growth hormones (rBST)
  • Cows that supply our milk are fed a nutritionally rich diet that includes alfalfa and corn
  • All milk we use is antibiotic free
  • Our own laboratories where we test each load of milk against the strictest quality standards and for the absence of antibiotics in every drop of milk

All milk collected daily is promptly made into cheese. Typically, a cow milked early in the morning has her milk made into cheese the very same day. You see, fresh milk has the highest nutritional value and gives the cheese the best flavor profile. Many other cheesemakers use milk that has been trucked in from long distances and stored for several days before the cheesemaking process begins.

Fresh, Quality Milk