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Peperoncino 24 Lb

Peperoncino 24 Lb

About the Cheese

Cool Asiago meets spicy red peppers in our zesty Peperoncino. This cheese is crafted from premium milk and aged a minimum of 5 months to allow the flavors to blend perfectly. It adds just the right amount of kick to any cheese board or antipasto platter.
  • Texture: Hard, slightly crumbly
  • Flavor: Sharp, hot, spicy
  • Appearance: Hard cheese with spicy red peppers
  • Milk Source: Cow’s milk; rBST free
  • Aging: 5 months

Product Specs

Pack Size1/24 lb.
Shelf Life365 days
Item Code59512

Menu Suggestions

Chunk for snacks or cheeseboards and antipasto. Crumble on pastas, salads, pizzas, soups. Slice for sandwiches or stuff chicken breast or meatballs for a spicy flavor.