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Ciliegine 1.75 Lb.

Ciliegine 1.75 Lb.

About the Cheese

BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella Ciliegine is crafted from local milk only a few hours after milking. This delicate, mild-flavored cheese is made to order, formed into 1/3 oz. balls.
  • Texture: Soft, delicate
  • Flavor: Milky, fresh
  • Appearance: Porcelain white
  • Milk Source: Cow’s milk; rBST free
  • Aging: Fresh

Product Specs

Pack Size6/1.75 lb.
Shelf Life60 days
Item Code00541

Menu Suggestions

Create delicious skewers with Fresh Mozzarella Ciliegine, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and prosciutto. Mix with tomatoes, fresh basil, salt, pepper and olive oil for a delicious Caprese salad. Marinate in olive oil, garlic cloves, chopped fresh basil and oregano, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper for at least three hours. Serve as part of your antipasto platter.