Ricotta Salata, The Italian Feta
Ricotta Salata, The Italian Feta

Crafted from fresh local milk, BelGioioso Ricotta Salata boasts a pleasant milky flavor with just a hint of salt. Aged 30 days, this semi-firm cheese has a smooth, white appearance and a rather dry texture, perfect for cubing, crumbling or shredding.

How to Enjoy This Cheese

Chunk for snacks or cheeseboards and antipasto. Crumble on salads or grilled fruits and vegetables.

About This Cheese

  • Texture: Semi-firm
  • Flavor: Milky and nutty with a hint of salt
  • Appearance: Smooth, white
  • Milk Source: Cow’s milk; rBST free
  • Aging: 30 days


Fresh fruit, grilled vegetables, roasted beets, pasta, olives, light wine.


Pasteurized whey and milk, vinegar, salt.


2011 - U.S. Championship Cheese Contest (2nd Place)

Aged Over 90 DaysAward Winning CheeseProudly Wisconsin CheeseKosher CRC

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